Our Committees

Working together to make resource extraction safe and profitable

Our committees are the backbone of the work that the Alberta Chamber of Resources does: they tackle diverse and important issues within Alberta’s resource industries. Committee members come from a variety of industries, bringing expertise and a sense of cooperation.

Competitiveness Task Force

The Competitiveness Task Force group, formed toward the end of 2017, will explore the issues and potential solutions to helping improve the “competitiveness” around Alberta's resource sector.

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Dam Integrity Advisory Committee

The objectives of the Dam Integrity Advisory Committee are to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices, as well as consider emerging issues related to the responsible operation of resource sector dams in Alberta.

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Environmental Forums Leadership Group

With increasing pressures from society on environmental issues and major changes in regulations, there continues to be a growing need from the ACR membership for information on how to deal with these challen

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Indigenous Relations Committee

The Indigenous Relations Committee is committed to finding opportunities for improved communication, engagement, and inclusion between the resources industries and Indigenous communities, and to spur the development and sharing of best practices.

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Metallic And Industrial Minerals Working Group

The Metallic and Industrial Minerals Working Group formed to gather stakeholders and experts to identify and discuss sectoral issues important to industry and all Albertans.

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Mining Industry Advisory Committee

The Mining Industry Advisory Committee works closely with the University of Alberta to ensure the university sustains and builds upon its world-leading mining engineering program.

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Responsible Development Committee

The Responsible Development Committee works with government, member companies, and stakeholders to encourage effective and balanced policy, effective and efficient regulation, and good alignment between the two.

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