Alberta Chamber of Resources

ACR provides cross-sector leadership for the strategic and responsible development of Alberta’s natural resources

About the ACR

The ACR lies at the heart of Alberta’s economy

Originally founded in 1936 as the Alberta and Northwest Chamber of Mines, the Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR) is a unique organization that brings together companies from across sectors to communicate and collaborate on industry issues.

It has a long history of working on behalf of the province’s mining, energy, and forestry companies—organizations that create resource-based products, and those that provide the diverse infrastructure, products and services essential to resource development. Our work, and the work of the members who drive our organization, has helped make Alberta into one of the most prosperous provinces in Confederation.

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Our Members

As a member-driven organization, our members drive the agenda of the Alberta Chamber of Resources. We are here to represent them.

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Our Committees

Our Committees do the work necessary to help the resource industries in Alberta reach their goals.

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Resources Library

Information and best practices regarding aspects of resource development in the province.

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Join the Alberta Chamber of Resources

Join the ACR and work with industry leaders to help enhance the development of Alberta’s vast resources as well as helping support and grow the cornerstone of Alberta’s economy. We’re stronger together—join us!

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14 Jun 8:30am

2022 Mid Year Meeting

ConocoPhillips Auditorium

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