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Wood delivers trusted technical expertise as a partner to InnoTech Alberta

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 29, 2020 – Wood is assisting InnoTech Alberta, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, in the development and expansion of the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC). The ACCTC is hosting the NRG COSIA XPRIZE, where five groups with different carbon dioxide (CO2) capturing technologies compete to provide the best ways to convert CO2 into useable products. The competition is underway, and the winner will be announced in Q1 2021.

Carbon capture and conversion is an emerging industry employing technology that both reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere and can create useful products such as polymers for the plastics industry, without the need for additional fossil fuels.

InnoTech Alberta recently installed a concentrated CO2 supply unit at the ACCTC, located near the Shepard Energy Centre, on the outskirts of Calgary. This unit concentrates flue gas from the Shepard Energy Centre power plant to provide concentrated CO2 to the five teams competing in the NRG COSIA XPRIZE at the ACCTC.

Wood’s involvement with the ACCTC began at its inception, when Wood was asked to apply their engineering expertise to the greenfield facility. The scope included grading the area, storm water collection, and the infrastructure design which covered the pipe racks, motor control center (MCC) and the controls building.

Wood also took off flue gas from the power plant chimney stack, pressurized the gas and delivered all other utilities to the five units involved in the competition. Flue gas is essential for the competition as it is the industrial source of CO2 used in the demonstration by the teams.

In 2019, InnoTech Alberta selected Wood as their partner again due to Wood’s familiarity with the facility to manage all project interfaces and assist in the new CO2 capture unit development. Wood provided the power supply and flue gas distribution design, as well as supported the installation of the new CO2 capture unit and the data acquisition system. The data acquisition system collects essential data from all the competitors’ systems and monitors the distribution. The system is essential for the XPRIZE competition to evaluate and compare the teams’ performance during the competition.

Wood is also responsible for obtaining the building permits and providing technical support which includes design changes to fulfill the applicable codes, including National and Alberta Building Codes, Canadian Electrical Code and Pressure Piping Code, regulations, and City of Calgary requirements. Wood is currently working on the controls remote access, supporting the site data acquisition and site construction and commissioning.

When asked about this project with InnoTech Alberta, John Day, SVP Oil, Gas and Chemicals Canada for Wood stated “We are proud to support InnoTech Alberta on such an important competition. The focus on carbon reduction is part of Wood’s developing global business. The XPRIZE is an incredible opportunity to drive ingenuity and innovation to help manage carbon emissions.”

The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE inspires development of new CO2 conversion technologies to help mitigate climate change. The $20 million XPRIZE is a global competition to develop breakthrough technologies that will convert CO2 emissions from power plants and industrial facilities into valuable products like building materials, alternative fuels and other items we use every day such as paints and plastics.

Wood is a global leader in consulting projects and operations solutions in energy and the built environment. They operate in more than 60 countries, employing around 55,000 people, with revenues of around $10 billion.

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