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Alfred Burke – Cenovus Energy Inc. (2009)

2009 Major Reclamation Award (Alfred Burke, Cenovus Energy Inc) Alfred Burke accepted the ACR’s Major Reclamation Award on behalf of Cenovus which operates oil and gas wells within a public grazing near Brooks, Alberta called Antelope Creek Ranch. The area is managed by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and accommodates wildlife, waterfowl, cattle grazing and oil…

EPCOR & Sherritt Coal (2008)

EPCOR and Sherritt Coal- 2008 Major Reclamation Award Environmental work at Genesee Mine has returned 600 hectares into productive farm land and wildlife habitat, earning the mine partners, EPCOR and Sherritt Coal, the 2008 Alberta Chamber of Resources’ Major Reclamation Award. “We are constantly working toward developing a cleaner future,” said Doreen Cole, EPCOR Vice-President…

Foothills Research Institute (2013)

2013 ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD <strong><span style=”font-size: large;”><br></span></strong>   FOOTHILLS RESEARCH INSTITUTE The Model Forest program began in 1992 and was a Canadian response to address the issue of sustainable forest management. The program encouraged submissions from industrial partners working with a cross-section of partners such as community groups, first nations, government and non-governmental organizations to outline…

Peter Watson (2011)

2011 Resource Person of The Year Peter Watson Following in the tradition of integrity and excellence laid down by Hubert Somerville, pioneer Alberta Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals (and ACR President, 1976 – 77), Peter Watson has carved out a career of wide-ranging import and impact. His formal commitment to public service began at…

Environmental Forum 2017: Climate Change and Adapting to the Challenges

Responding to the challenges of climate change will fundamentally alter the way we work and do business in Alberta. As this situation evolves, many questions arise as to what the main challenges will be and the solutions. The ACR’s 2017 Environmental Forum, held on March 23, helped bring answers to these questions.

Ian Muirhead Memorial Scholarship (2014-2020)

The Alberta Chamber of Resources Award in Mining Engineering is a $2,000 scholarship awarded on both academic merit and extra-curricular achievements for second-year undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering School of Mining. The scholarships awarded this year are sponsored by the mining companies in the Alberta Chamber of Resources. The…

MIAC Scholarships (2014-2020)

MIAC Scholarship Award Winners 2020 Harjap Bains Mohammed Darwish Dawson Druar Michael Fraughton Jean-Pascal Leclerc Tomas Markoic-Gagne Moustafa Nasser Cliff Shepherd David Young 2019 Isaiah Carleton Syed Mustafa Fasih Austen Gibb Adam Gremm Benjamin Heartt Simon Lala Tyler MacCormack Slayter Tonnesen Mitchell Wells 2018 Muhammad Saad Alam Ryley Jacob Danielson-Packet Addison Alexander Huculak Zihao Ma…

Social Acceptance Committee: 2016 Committee Update

Throughout 2016, the Social Acceptance Committee has met to discuss Alberta’s resources industries in relation to the concept of a “triple future,” one that encompasses positive environmental, economic, and social outcomes. This year, the committee has accomplished: In cooperation with other ACR committees and working groups, identifies and shares examples of industry accomplishments and best practices….


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