Tuccaro Group of Companies

Tier 2 Member

Providing essential services to oil sands companies since 1985. We are a 100% local, 100% aboriginal owned Fort McMurray company.

Principal Fields of Activity

Heavy Equipment, Fuel and Lube Services, Laboratory Services, Geotechnical Services, Bird Deterrent, Water and Vacuum Trucks, Hydrovac Services, Fleet Servicing, Bottled Water, Coffee and Supplies, Vending/ATM Machines, Consumable/PPE Supplier.

Tuccaro Group of Companies
Box 5570, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3G5

W: http://www.tuccaro.com
P: (780) 791-9386
F: (780) 791-9991
E: info@tuccaro.com

Contact: Dave Tuccaro, President & Chief Executive Officer

Tuccaro Group of Companies is a Tier 2 member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources