Titanium Corporation Inc.

Tier 3 Member

Titanium Corporation and its funding partners have invested over $60 million to develop and pilot-test innovative sustainable technologies which Create Value from Waste(TM) by remediating oil sands tailings and recovering valuable hydrocarbons and heavy minerals products.

Principal Fields of Activity

Technology development and innovation, commercialization and process engineering.

Titanium Corporation Inc.
1400 Baker Centre, 10025 106 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1G4

W: http://www.titaniumcorporation.com
P: (780) 760-0512
F: (780) 760-0151
E: kmoran@titaniumcorporation.com

Contact: Kevin Moran, Vice President, Process Development

Titanium Corporation Inc. is a Tier 3 member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources