Orano Canada Inc.

Tier 2 Member

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Orano Canada Inc. is a leading producer of uranium, accounting for the processing of 18 million pounds or over half of the uranium produced in Canada in 2017. Orano Canada has been established in Canada for more than 50 years. Orano is operator of the McClean Lake uranium mill and a partner in the Cigar Lake, McArthur River and Key Lake Operations.

Principal Fields of Activity

Orano Canada explores for uranium, mines and produces uranium concentrate in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Additional Information

Orano Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of the French multinational Orano Group.

Orano Canada Inc.
817 - 45 Street West, Saskatoon, AB S7K 2X5

W: http://www.oranocanada.com
P: (306) 343-4500
E: publicrelations@orano.group

Contact: Jeffrey Carroll, Project Geologist

Orano Canada Inc. is a Tier 2 member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources