Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. (AL-PAC)

Tier 1 Member

Began production in September of 1993 as Alberta’s largest kraft pulp mill. Designed with the latest environmental technology, Al-Pac has a strong focus on the environment in both its mill and woodlands (manages 6 million ha’s) operations including holding Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® ) certification for over twelve years. A leader in innovation, Al-Pac is pursuing new opportunities including the production of cellulose nano-crystals and bio-methanol.

Principal Fields of Activity

Bleached hardwood/softwood Kraft pulp - 640,000 admts Green electricity (export) - 250,000Mw's Bio-methanol - 3,000 tonnes

Locations in Alberta

Boyle, Alberta

Number of Employees

430 permanent700 contractors

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. (AL-PAC)
PO Box 8000, North, Boyle, AB T0A 0M0

P: (780) 525-8000

Contact: Gordon Giles, Business Development, Business Unit Leader

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. (AL-PAC) is a Tier 1 member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources