Environmental Forum

Edmonton, AB | March 23, 2017

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming 2017 Fall Environmental Forum!

The ACR’s 2017 Environmental Forum
Theme: Climate Change & Adapting to the Challenges
Date: March 23, 2017
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Responding to the challenges of climate change will fundamentally alter the way we work and do business in Alberta. As this situation evolves, many questions arise as to what the main challenges will be and the solutions. ACR’s Environmental Forum helped bring answers to these questions. We had a great line-up of speakers from across government and industry and pulled together to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • What are the key policies that the Government of Alberta will be implementing?
  • How will these policies be translated into regulations?
  • What is the role of research in meeting the challenges?
  • How is the industry preparing and adapting to this new ‘normal’?

Interested in seeing the agenda – click here. Please stay tuned for details on the next ACR Environmental Forum to be held in September 2017.