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Providing leadership for the orderly and responsible development of our natural resources

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The Alberta Chamber of Resources is committed to making the province’s resource sector safer and more profitable, through innovative collaboration, best practice development, consensus development and other strategies.

Committees are at the heart of what we do: the Alberta Chamber of Resources’ committees tackle challenges and develop policies on everything from education to transportation, Aboriginal participation to the future of resources. Their work is guided by—and helps to guide—the overall mission of the Alberta Chamber of Resources, and helps create an environment where the resources sector can thrive.

The work our committees produce—as well as other impactful publications—can be found in our Resources Library. If you need any of our white papers, best practices, strategic frameworks or our Aboriginal resources, the Resources Library is the place to look.

Our Committees

Our Committees do the work necessary to help the resource industries in Alberta reach their goals.

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Resources Library

Information and best practices regarding aspects of resource development in the province.

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Meet the Alberta Chamber of Resources

Learn the history of our organization and how the Alberta Chamber of Resources is helping to make resource extraction in our province safer, and more profitable.

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