Responsible Development Committee

The RDC works with governments, member companies and stakeholders to encourage both an effective and balanced policy and efficient regulation, as well as good alignment between the two. This committee has expertise and specializes in the areas of regional planning, resource regulation, caribou, water, air emissions and data.


  • Tom Grabowski
    Silvacom Group


  • Provides formal representation for ACR on external bodies (e.g. Alberta Water Council, Alberta Data Partnerships, Clean Air Strategic Alliance)
  • Provides subject matter expert representation for ACR on specific consultations with government (e.g. regional planning, caribou, regulatory enhancement, water)
  • Builds and maintains positive relationships with key representatives from government and regulatory agencies to enable clear and effective communications in both directions
  • Provides feedback to formal and informal government consultations about resource development in Alberta
  • Met with the Deputy Ministers group of the “Integrated Resource Management System” (IRMS) secretariat regarding multi-departmental regulatory issues in resource development
  • Continue to work with the government on Integrated Land Use Management (ILM) planning and development

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