Resource Industry of the Future

We believe there are key outcomes that will support a thriving resource sector in the future:

  • We are viewed as a leader in the collaborative execution of carbon neutral strategies for the extraction, processing, distribution, and storage of our natural resources.

  • We realize meaningful Indigenous participation and economic reconciliation.

  • We have a policy and regulatory framework that supports and values all forms of energy capital investment and allows the province to monetize its abundant and vast array of resource potential

  • We invest in, encourage and support programs that encourage the next generation of STEM professionals, which includes trades, needed to lead the resource sector forward.

  • We are exporting technology and know-how on innovative approaches to energy transition, value-added products, multi-industry collaboration, diversity, and more.

  • We are meaningfully contributing to the provincial and national economy.

  • We can compete for capital on the world stage.


Resource Industry of the Future: Pathway Framework (Executive Summary)

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