Mining Industry Advisory Committee

Established in the early 1990s, MIAC is the ACR’s longest-standing committee that was initially formed with a focus to reinvigorate the Mining Engineering Program at the University of Alberta. Having accomplished that goal, MIAC has since focused on helping maintain and build upon the relevance and quality of the program. It is also part of a broader effort to facilitate and promote appropriate numbers and skills in Alberta’s workforce.


  • Peter Read
    Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • Fraser Forbes
    University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering


  • Updates committee business plan at five- to six-year intervals.
  • Operates several sub-committees toward the achievement of specific goals that include:
    • The Curriculum Review Sub-Committee: Ensures long-term sustainability, quality, and relevance of the mining program
    • The Placement Sub-Committee: Establishes a student placement process.
    • The Program Marketing Sub-Committee: Vigorously promotes and markets the program to potential industry participants
  • Focus on execution excellence to sustain gold standard for mining engineering globally
  • High focus on job placement through commodity downturn.
  • Dialogue with University of Alberta about expansion of ACR Mine Engineering lab in 2016


Inside Education Mining Posters (a four-part poster series that examines Alberta’s mining industry, the extraction process, natural resources hidden deep underground, the environmental and societal impacts, careers and more)

This video is a compilation of 6 smaller videos (links below). It was created and sponsored by the MIAC Committee as an informative piece on Mining Engineering for the University of Alberta.

Video 1: What is Mining Engineering?

Video 2: What does a Mining Engineer do?

Video 3: Why become a Mining Engineer?

Video 4: Does Mining make a difference?

Video 5: What makes the University of Alberta unique?

Video 6: Can Mining be Green?

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