Metallic And Industrial Minerals Working Group

The Metallic and Industrial Minerals (MIM) Working Group formed to gather stakeholders and experts to identify and discuss sectoral issues important to industry and all Albertans.

A key resource sector in Alberta is the Metallic and Industrial Minerals MIM industry. This working group is involved in the extraction of non-hydrocarbon minerals including limestone, aggregates and other products essential to society. Alberta has a huge potential to expand this sector and help diversify the economy of the province. This working group meets to discuss this potential, the barriers to future development and to work with governments to unlock the resources.


  • Dan Thillman
    Lehigh Cement


  • Meets with officials from the Government of Alberta to discuss the regulatory process for new and existing developments
  • Advocates for more detailed understanding and support for mineral surveys, assessments and mapping
  • Currently developing a publication that showcases current and potential future economic impacts of the mining sector in Alberta
  • Works cooperatively with the Mining Association of Canada to monitor and identify key issues and regulatory changes that may affect the industry

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