Indigenous Relations Committee

The Indigenous Relations Committee is committed to finding opportunities for improved communication, engagement, and inclusion between the resources industries and Indigenous communities, and to spur the development and sharing of best practices. The IR Committee was formed more than a decade and a half ago to help understand and improve the relations between Indigenous Peoples and the resource sector, as well as work closely with the Government of Alberta to provide perspectives related to resource development.

A key focus of this committee is to communicate the issues and present examples of “best practices” in the area of relationship building between the resource sector and Alberta’s Indigenous communities. Previous successes in this area include an award-winning publication “Learning from Experience: Aboriginal Programs in the Resource Industries”, which highlighted best practices in the industry. With a renewed focus on improving relations between Indigenous communities and our industry, new work has begun on helping to develop best practices in the areas of consultation and economic cooperation.


  • Joe Dion
    Frog Lake Energy Resources Corporation
  • Bryan Kneller
    Ledcor Group of Companies


  • Published the award-winning publication “Learning from Experience: Aboriginal Programs in the Resources Industry”

Members polled on key matters pertaining to IR issues including:

  • Challenges in the consultation process
  • Activities of companies aligned with the principles of the United Nations Declarations on Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
  • Forms of economic partnership and cooperation
  • Comments and recommendations submitted to the Government of Alberta on its revisions of the Indigenous Consultation Policy
  • Speakers’ series including Indigenous and industry leaders on the changing nature of relations
  • Review of Canada-wide activities and policies related to economic accommodation in all business and industry sectors

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