Forest Industry Alliance Alberta

As the newest committee of ACR, this group works on issues that are key to the sustainable development of Alberta’s forest. This includes examining common approaches to environmental challenges, how the industry accesses and manages forest resources, examining the competitiveness of the industry, identifying barriers to investment and innovation, identifying opportunities to increase the value from our forests, including green energy and products, as well as advancing the forest products industry as a hi-tech, long-term employer.


  • Brent Rabik, Chair
    Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
  • Noel Roberts
    Norbord Inc.
  • Mark Tamas
    TOLKO Industries Ltd.
  • Mike Putzke
    Alberta Newsprint Company
  • Stefan Szabo
    Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.
  • Wayne Thorp, FIAA Management Coordinator
    Alberta Chamber of Resources


  • Foundational meeting to identify and prioritize actions
  • Working with other sectors through ACR committee such as Resource Development and Indigenous Relations
  • Engaging Government on industry-specific news

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