Dam Integrity Advisory Committee

Initially struck as a task force in late 2014, in the immediate wake of two high-profile dam failures in Western Canada, DIAC is now a standing committee of the ACR Board. Encompassing all of Alberta’s resource industry dams within its purview, it shares best practices and advises on current and emerging issues related to the responsible operation of resource sector dams in the province.


  • Paul Cavanagh
    Imperial Oil Resources
  • Jeremy Boswell
    Thurber Engineering


DIAC has met several times each year since its inception and has helped advance the safety and integrity of dam systems in Alberta, including:

  • Industry standard definitions for Engineer of Record and other key roles
  • Developing and/or sharing best practices
  • Communicating more clearly about risk
  • Supporting regulators as they develop updated regulations
  • Encouraging short courses on dam integrity in conjunction with the University of Alberta
  • Developing a white paper to outline the basic roles and responsibilities necessary for the safe management of dams in Alberta. It is a flexible framework, adaptable to the size and structure of a dam-owner organization.

Working sub-committee activities are organized under four themes:

  1. Define Engineer of Record & other key roles
  2. Develop & share best practices
  3. Think clearly & communicate effectively about risk
  4. Support regulators to develop guidelines and processes






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