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Executive Director’s Message – December 3, 2020

I admire the people who can come up with new and different ways to describe 2020. Despite best efforts, I think I would be hard-pressed to get any more creative than “dumpster fire” when I think about the carnage this nonsensical year has dealt the world. It can be hard, even for those of us…

President’s Message – August 14, 2020

President’s Message August 14, 2020 Every August, the ACR Executive members come together for a strategy session to review our performance and discuss, sometimes debate, where our focus should be for the following year and into the future. This annual ritual helps us keep grounded and focused on what is most important to our members….

President’s Message – June 29, 2020

President’s Message June 29, 2020 We are months now into the pandemic and recession in Alberta and it can be awfully easy to slip into a pessimistic mindset about our current and future state. The daily dose of negativity through our news feeds can make it hard to see a positive path forward. But the…

President’s Message – May 29, 2020

President’s Message May 29, 2020 In our ACR board meeting last week, we had an inspiring conversation about how resource companies have adapted to public health and economic challenges over the last number of months. I came away with a sense of pride for the leadership and front-line workers in those companies. Of course, operating…