Celebrating a commitment to the Alberta Chamber of Resources’ mission

Honouring the best in the resource industries

Each year, the Alberta Chamber of Resources is proud to present an award(s) to a person, company or project that has demonstrated commitment to Alberta Chamber of Resources’ mission to provide leadership for the orderly and responsible development of our natural resources.

Awards are presented annually at the Chamber’s Awards Banquet held in February. Previous awards have included Resource Person of the Year, Indigenous Leader of the Year, Major Reclamation Award, Aboriginal Rewarding Partnerships Award and the Environmental Award. In 2018, The 2017 Resources Leadership Award was awarded to Pat Carlson, Founding Chief Executive Officer and Original Director, Seven Generations Energy. Click here for more information. To read Pat’s bio, click here.


The students selected for the 2018 ACR Scholarship in Mining Engineering, supported through the MIAC committee, are as follows:

  • Kurt Nash Papineau
  • Xuan Ji Wong
  • Muhammad Saad Alam
  • Leland Aaron Wright
  • Connor Jacob Nachura
  • Addison Alexander Huculak
  • Robert Lachlan MacLagan
  • Ryley Jacob Danielson-Packet
  • Zihao Ma

The 2017 Ian Muirhead Scholarship is awarded to Bryn Curtis Upham.

Click here to view past awards and recipients

Nominations – Closed

Nominations are now closed for the 2017 Resource Leadership Award