Deputy Grand Chief Ramona Horseman (2020)

2020 Indigenous Leadership Award

Deputy Grand Chief Ramona Horseman, Treaty No. 8 First Nation

Ms. Ramona Horseman is the Chief of Horse Lake First Nation (HLFN), Grand Chief of the Western Cree Tribal Council (WCTC), and Deputy Grand Chief of Treaty No 8 First Nation of Alberta that comprises of 24 first nations.

Ramona has shown leadership in areas of economic development by promoting governance models that are focused on for profit management by creating balanced non-political boards. She has provided leadership in both restructuring of existing operations and as well as new start ups. She has extensive experience in pipeline construction operations and is an active leader in philanthropy organizations both within Alberta’s Indigenous communities and the Grande Prairie region. In 2018, Horse Lake First Nation commissioned a state-of-the-art water treatment plant, bringing reliable fresh water to the Nation. Creating jobs for HLFN citizens and generating business opportunities is her top priority. Chief Horseman brings passion to build up her people and sees the Nauticol Project as a “generational opportunity” for the betterment of Horse Lake First Nation, the Nations of the Western Cree Tribal Council.