ACR/McLennan Ross LLP Webinar COVID-19: Legal Issues for Construction and Resource Projects

This webinar discussed the legal issues for construction and resource projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following three panelists from McLennan Ross LLP were online to offer a legal perspective to the COVID-19 situation:

  • Chris Lane, Q.C. is a partner who provides advice and representation to businesses and individuals in all aspects of labour and employment law, including human rights, wrongful dismissal, union relations, collective bargaining, double-breasting union avoidance, policy development, arbitration, labour relations board and court proceedings.
  • Corbin Devlin practices construction law and environmental law, representing owners, developers, contractors, suppliers and trades.  Primarily engaged in construction dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration and negotiation), he is also experienced in drafting and negotiating construction and procurement contracts. Corbin also represents resource owners and other stakeholders in regulatory and civil (environmental) matters, with a particular focus on contaminated site claims.
  • Dan Bokenfohr is a litigator and advisor to employers on labour, employment, workers’ compensation, occupational health and safety, and administrative law issues.  He assists employers in addressing a variety of health and safety issues, such as drug and alcohol testing, workplace harassment and psychological injuries, refusals of dangerous work, discriminatory action complaints and incident investigations.  Dan also represents and advises employers on a variety of other workplace issues, such as disciplinary matters, terminations and layoffs.

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