Chief Isaac Laboucan-Avirom (2019)

2019 Indigenous Resource Leadership Award

Chief Isaac Laboucan-Avirom, Woodland Cree First Nation, Treaty 8

Chief Isaac Ausinis Laboucan-Avirom of the Woodland Cree First Nation, Treaty 8 is a dedicated husband, father, family member and leader.

He was recently re-elected to his third term as Chief of his Nation and was on council for one term before being elected as Chief.

He has also served as Deputy Grand Chief of Treaty 8 and was the last sitting Grand Chief of Treaty 8 where he helped facilitated the transition to a full time Chief to improve capacity and consistency.  He has also served a term as the Grand Chief of the Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council.

He is an avid hunter, trapper and advocate for the stewardship of his traditional territory and protection of indigenous rights and values.

He leads with the values instilled in him by his parents, grandparents, family and community. Honesty, Compassion, Respect and Resilience.

He is a mill wright by trade and worked in the oil and gas industry for a number of years before being elected as a leader for his nation in 2010.

He has advocated regionally, provincially and nationally to address a range of issues including climate change, Bill C-69, and Jordan’s principle while also successfully negotiating major resource development agreements and resource industry partnerships with businesses, major corporations, and resource development regulators to improve engagement, consultation, communication, knowledge sharing, education and investment.

He has overseen the establishment and growth of multiple partnerships and investments in resource development and is recognized within Alberta as a leader who is committed to helping build a better economic future for his community, and the province. As a strong statement of this leadership, he was awarded the 2019 Alberta Indigenous Role Model Award and will be accepting the 2019 Alberta Chamber of Resources Indigenous Resource Leadership Award.

Chief Laboucan-Avirom is committed to his people, culture, land, history, and customs while focusing on the future through a commitment to progress, innovation and resource development business ownership.

Chief Laboucan-Avirom is optimistic about the future and is dedicated to ensuring that the WCFN people are positioned to embrace all opportunities in the NW region of Alberta. He is a modern, forward-thinking Chief, grounded in his values who actively supports those initiatives that bring his people the balance of sustainability of their resources.