Mining in Alberta – An Inside Education Experience

On November 1-3, 2018, Inside Education took teachers from across Alberta on an experiential learning event to gain first-hand information about our province’s mining sector. The program had many partners, including the Alberta Chamber of Resources Mining Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) for providing guidance, speakers and connections in the industry. Funds from ACR’s MIAC also went toward funding the ‘Dig Deeper Education Kit’ from Mining Matters.

Inside Education is proud of the many success of the Mining in Alberta Education Program. The follow-up survey results indicate that it was an exceptional learning experience that will translate into meaningful classroom impact. Inside Education estimates that over >3000 a year will benefit from the experience of the teacher participants as they infuse their learning into their lessons.

Take look at the inspiring feedback report that outlines program highlights, quotes, learnings and more.

“There is a greater emphasis on environmental stewardship than the Media would have us believe. Great advances in responsible resource management have been made in the past thirty years or so. All of the presenters took this responsibility very seriously.”

Check out a video of the experience here!