Global Restoration Corporation (2014)

2014 Major Reclamation Award – Global Restoration Corp.

For a quarter-century, Global Restoration has been dedicated to assisting the natural restoration of land used for industrial purposes to forest and animal habitats. In doing so, it focuses on four key service areas: restoration planning and operations, mechanical site preparation, research and innovation, and native seed collection and delivery.

The company has provided excellent work and leadership to the resource development community by ensuring that development is completed in a sustainable fashion through innovation, collaboration, appropriate site preparation, and plant species establishment to assist the natural recovery of disturbed lands.

Global restoration is recognized for its pioneering leadership through its contributions to the majority of caribou habitat restoration projects in Alberta, including the first “Little Smokey Restoration Project” and the LiDea II in northeastern Alberta. The company’s expertise in site preparation – particularly mounding (creating a raised seed or seeding bed using an excavator), which was first introduced in Alberta by president David Larsen – has become the preferred site preparation method for linear deactivation and well site restoration in wetlands.

The company recognizes the importance of research, innovation, and collaboration and the impact they have on the economic progress and the social acceptability of development. One of Global Restoration’s most recent collaborative research projects was a winter tree-planting trial at the Evergreen Centre for Resource Excellence. This research has supported the employment of the technique on seismic and pipelines in the field with great success. The company also recently worked with the Alberta Government, the Canadian Forest Service, and the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance to perfect a seed delivery system with the goal of economically increasing the amount and number of native species being established on disturbed sites in Alberta.

Pictured: Dave Larsen, President of Global Restoration Corp. (left) and Hon. Kyle Fawcett, Minister of ESRD(right)

Global Restoration Corp. has a unique way of solving resource challenges through innovation and collaboration providing industry with many innovative ideas and solutions to meet the challenges associated with the restoration of Alberta’s boreal habitat.