EPCOR & Sherritt Coal (2008)

EPCOR and Sherritt Coal- 2008 Major Reclamation Award

Environmental work at Genesee Mine has returned 600 hectares into productive farm land and wildlife habitat, earning the mine partners, EPCOR and Sherritt Coal, the 2008 Alberta Chamber of Resources’ Major Reclamation Award.

“We are constantly working toward developing a cleaner future,” said Doreen Cole, EPCOR Vice-President of Power Services. “We are committed to leaving the land in a condition equal to or better than we found it and our reclamation efforts at Genesee demonstrate how we are living up to that commitment.”

Once the coal in a particular mining area has been depleted, reclamation plans are set into action. The main thrust of reclamation has been creation of agricultural lands for cattle grazing, hay and cultivated crops. The partners have also taken on the challenge of recreating a diverse boreal forest by using new reforestation practices to create natural treed areas within the agricultural landscape. The Genesee Min comprehensive land reclamation plan includes re-establishment of wetlands and natural creek bodies, and the development of wildlife corridors.

The award recognizes the mine’s reclamation goals and achievements, past and current reclamation research initiatives and the going communication and involvement with the community.

“We have proven we can re-build good farmland, and this award recognizes the contributions of many individuals over the years,” said George Greenhough, Manager of Land Services at Genesee Generation Station.

Reclamation initiatives combine current practices, ongoing strategy development, and continuing research to meet reclamation goals while harmonizing with mining activities, regulatory issues, and public concerns.

“The primary objective is to reclaim areas and give them multiple end-use capabilities similar to those that existed prior to mining, including self-sustaining and naturally maturing wildlife habitats through re-forestation and re-establishing wetlands,” said Dan Kuchmak, Senior Mine Engineering Technologist, Sherritt Coal.

“This partnership represents the kind of cooperative, effective leadership we want to highlight and we’re very pleased to give EPCOR and Sherritt Coal the recognition they deserve,” said ACR Executive Director Brad Anderson.

The Genesee Mine, a joint venture between EPCOR and Sherritt Coal, is located about 80 km west of Edmonton, and provides 5.5 million tonnes of coal per year for the Genesee Generation Station, which produces electricity for about 500,000 people.