Social Acceptance Committee: 2016 Committee Update

Throughout 2016, the Social Acceptance Committee has met to discuss Alberta’s resources industries in relation to the concept of a “triple future,” one that encompasses positive environmental, economic, and social outcomes. This year, the committee has accomplished:

  • In cooperation with other ACR committees and working groups, identifies and shares examples of industry accomplishments and best practices.
  • Has focused on development of a strategy to seek broader input on Alberta’s triple future – listening as much as talking – through a data-driven approach to more effectively engage in and better understand public conversations around resource industry issues.
  • Resulting “Genuine Dialogue” project was proposed and scaled up by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering, and a viable proof-of-concept phase 1 was completed last year. The researchers continue to refine the methodology for implementation within companies (early adopters).

Recent outcomes:

  • Maintains a watching brief to identify priority issues.