Don Lowry (2013)



The nominating committee of the Alberta Chamber of Resources has chosen Don Lowry as the 2013 Resource Person of the Year to honor a long career of outstanding leadership in support of the orderly and responsible development of Alberta’s resources—a career populated by countless milestones of achievement that have produced significant benefits for the City of Edmonton and all of its residents, and for a great many of Alberta’s resource developers who serve as the economic engine of an entire province. Among the highlights of Mr. Lowry’s career in support of this prestigious award:
·         EPCOR’s prudent but sustained pursuit of significant growth opportunities (as investor and operator) and, not incidentally, its business and logistical support of ACR members operating in Alberta’s oil sands through the establishment and operation of potable water and domestic wastewater facilities.
·         Mr. Lowry’s abiding commitment to and championing of workplace safety, an issue that has long been a key priority of both the ACR and its sister organization the Construction Owners Association of Alberta. Time and again we hear of the importance, and too often of the lack, of leadership in this area from the top down; Mr. Lowry is the perfect archetype of how it should and can be done in both policy and action.
·         The very recent establishment of the Don & Norine Lowry Award for Women of Excellence Fund—designed to help women achieve their career aspirations by pursuing their education in an Edmonton based post-secondary institution.
·         EPCOR’s laudable efforts and accomplished record in environmental preservation and restoration, best exemplified by EPCOR’s receipt, with Prairie Mines and Royalty Ltd. (Sherritt), of the ACR’s Major Reclamation Award in 2009 for progressive reclamation at the Genesee Coal Mine, and subsequently by the cleanup of the acid rock drainage problem at the Britannia Mine in British Columbia.
·         The commitment to corporate social responsibility as reflected, for example, by the release of EPCOR’s first Corporate Social Responsibility Report, rated A+, during Mr. Lowry’s watch.
·         His steady and stellar leadership and business acumen which, to name just one of many major outcomes, helped guide and effect the successful spin‐off of EPCOR’s power generation business, leading to the formation of Capital Power Corporation and the restructuring of EPCOR into two separate and independent companies.
After 16 years, Don Lowry recently stepped down from the position of President & CEO of EPCOR Utilities to focus on corporate board work and to serve on  local community boards and associations.
During Don’s time with EPCOR he led the growth of the Edmonton based utility into a North American power and water company.  In 2009 Don initiated the spin-off of EPCOR’s power generation business into one of Canada’s largest investor-owned generation companies, Capital Power Corporation.
Don is currently non-executive Chair of Capital Power and non-executive Chair of Canadian Oil Sands.
As well he serves as a director of Stantec, Melcor REIT, and Hydrogenics Corporation.  He is Chair of the 2014 Edmonton Organizing Committee for the ITU World Triathalon.  In 2010 Don was recognized as Alberta Venture’s Business Person of the Year.
Prior to joining EPCOR, Don spent more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry. He was President and Chief Operating Officer of Telus Communications Inc. and Chairman of Alta Telecom.
Don holds a B.Comm. (Honours) and an MBA from the University of Manitoba. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Advanced Management Program and the Banff School of Management.

Don Lowry, former President and CEO of EPCOR Utilities Inc., and ACR’s newest Resource Person of the Year, said that “By building on many of the good initiatives already underway, the time has come [for the resource industry to] accelerate progress by focusing on three critical areas of resource development: leadership, innovation and education.”
Pictured: Resource Person of the Year, Don Lowry and ACR President Leon Zupan.