Charlie Fischer (2008)

2008 Resource Person of The Year

Charlie Fischer

Charlie Fischer, recently retired President and CEO of Nexen Inc., was honoured as Resource Person of the Year for his leadership and contributions to the resource industry, and to communities in which he lived.
“The reason we chose Charlie Fischer as Resource Person of the Year has more to do with the way he approaches life and work, not just the sum of his many achievements,” said ACR Executive Director Brad Anderson. “It’s not just the leadership he’s shown as Nexen, but the way he has earned the respect of so many in his professional and personal life that makes him truly worthy of recognition.”
Fischer has built a reputation as careful and thoughtful industry advocate, respected community leader and outstanding role model over the past three decades. His extensive service in Alberta’s oil and gas sector includes postings as President and CEO of Nexen, Chairman of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Co-Chair of Alberta Climate Change Central, Director of Syncrude, and Board member of the Alberta Energy Research Institute and the CD Howe Institute.
During his time with Nexen, the company became known for being on the leading edge of technology, and its innovative technological partnerships have set the bar for turning promising ideas into large scale production realities.
“He’s an absolute star at promoting the energy sector,” said Dick Haskayne, Board Chair Emeritus of the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business. “He’s an engineer with a great background in operations, but he is very dedicated to the world beyond – whether it be environment, economics or technology.”
Fischer’s commitment to bringing the community along with Nexen’s success has also made a significant difference to the lives of many Albertans. His long-standing relationship with the University of Calgary has led to appointments to Faculty of Medicine’s Dean’s Advisory Council and the Board of Governors. He successfully co-chaired the Alberta Children’s Hospital’s $50 million capital campaign and he has also been a Board member for the Canadian Olympic Development Authority and the McMahon Stadium Society.
“I’m impressed by how Charlie works, not only with other members of industry and his own staff, but also with government and the community at large,” said Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach. “His own personal involvement in charitable causes in Calgary and throughout Alberta makes him an outstanding individual.”
“It’s not just donations… the thing Charlie gives that’s most important is his time,” said former Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers President Pierre Alvarez. “Rather than sit on a lot of corporate boards across the country he chose to work with volunteer boards, at a time when that wasn’t necessarily the thing for CEO’s to do.”
The award was presented to Fischer at the ACR’s 73rd Annual Awards Banquet on February 6th in Edmonton.