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Task Force on Resource Development & The Economy

The Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR) Board of Directors established the Task Force on Resource Development and the Economy in September 2009, with a mandate to:

  • Document the historical impact of Alberta resource development on the economy
  • Assess the potential future impact of Alberta Resource Development
  • Summarize key strategic and policy considerations to unlock the full potential of resource development in Alberta.

With its broad cross-sector membership, ACR is uniquely positioned to generate strategies for sustainable and prosperous resource development in Alberta. The Task Force recommendations, along with tangible first steps, address issues and opportunities facing the resources sector.

The report of the Task Force on Resource Development and the Economy is a roadmap to help guide orderly and responsible development of natural resources in Alberta for the economic and society benefit of Albertans and all Canadians. 



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Making a presentation or writing a report? Use this tool to select and download charts from the Task Force Report:

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