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Corporate Policy Summaries

  1.1        Building Commitment to Corporate Aboriginal Policies

1.1.1 Aboriginal and Community Relations Management Processes
·    Sponsor: Ledcor Industrial Limited
·     Provide point of contact and operational guidance for developing and managing successful relationships with Aboriginal and other communities.
·             Establishes a point of contact between the project, Aboriginal community and company that facilitates information exchange, interaction and communication for developing successful relationships.
·             Provides overall operational guidance and support to various Ledcor divisions on managing and building relationships with Aboriginal and other communities.
·     Sponsor: Flint Energy Services Ltd.
·     Supports developments and creates opportunities for Aboriginal and local people and businesses in the vicinity of Flint’s operations.
·                     Sponsor: EnCana Corporation
·                     Raises internal awareness of the corporate business case for implementing effective Aboriginal relations programs and strategies, and increases the understanding of Aboriginal peoples.
·                     Sponsor: AMEC Earth and Environmental Services
·                     Enhances the value of AMEC services in an ever-changing market.
·                     Sponsor: Petro-Canada Ltd.
·                     Provides employees, corporate management, the Aboriginal community, principal contractors and other stakeholder and community groups with a practical understanding of Petro-Canada’s commitment to Aboriginal relations and the principles and strategy for delivering on this commitment.
·                     Sponsor: EnCana Corporation
·                     Provides a greater awareness among EnCana employees and contractors leading to more effective engagement with Aboriginal peoples and communities.
·                     Sponsor: ATCO Electric Ltd.
·                     Provides clear internal direction regarding ATCO Electric’s relationship with the 27 First Nations and 6 Metis Settlements in the company’s service area in northern and eastern Alberta.
·                    Sponsor: EnCana Corporation
·                    Provides clear and consistent direction for developing and maintaining relationships with Aboriginal communities.
·                     Sponsor: Xerox Canada Ltd.
·                     Supports Aboriginal community economic development, fosters a labour force consistent with Xerox’s future requirements, and develops markets through strategic community investments and initiatives.
·                     Sponsor: Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
·                     Guides relationship-building with Aboriginal peoples and creates a procedure for measuring  progress toward the goal of strengthened Aboriginal relations. 

  1.2        Benchmarking Performance in Aboriginal Relations

·                     Sponsor: Conference Board of Canada
·                     Tracks performance and identifies targets related to corporate social responsibility in key areas: investment in community outreach, employee relations, creation and maintenance of employment, environmental responsibility, human rights, and financial performance.
·                     Sponsor: Sustainable Forest Management Network
·                     Preserves an Aboriginal community’s traditional lifestyle without significantly compromising the economic integrity of the industrial activity.
·                     Sponsor: Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)
·                     Used by companies to develop, maintain and benchmark their relationships with Aboriginal communities and receive hallmark recognition for achievement.



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