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Business Development Programs

3.1 Providing Business Opportunities
·                     Sponsor: Suncor Energy Inc.
·                     Implements targeted procurement measures as part of an Aboriginal affairs strategy that supports local First Nations and Metis communities in achieving economic self-sufficiency through community-based business development.
·                     Sponsor: Syncrude Canada Ltd.
·                     Supports the development of sustainable economic capacity by providing an opportunity for Aboriginal suppliers in the Wood Buffalo region to supply goods and services to Syncrude and to develop as competitive players in the bigger marketplace.
·                     Sponsor: Cameco Corporation
·                     Intended to identify and facilitate business opportunities for Aboriginal entrepreneurs, companies and communities in ways that build on existing business capacity and readiness.
·                     Sponsor: EnCana Corporation
·                     Measures Aboriginal participation in direct contracts and builds internal awareness of existing Aboriginal businesses in proximity to EnCana’s operations.
·                     Sponsor: Tolko Industries Ltd.
·                     Intended to provide an opportunity for Aboriginal-based businesses to invest and partner in forestry-based businesses complementary to Tolko’s core business, and proactively engage Aboriginal groups in human resources and skills training associated with existing and new business ventures.
·                     Sponsor: Hinton Wood Products – Hinton Woodlands
·                     A successful Aboriginal business model that has held forestry contracts with Hinton Woodlands for 25 years and has diversified into new area such as campsite maintenance, firefighting and road monitoring.
·                     Sponsor: Petro-Canada Ltd.
·                     Optimizes local economic benefits associated with the development of Petro-Canada’s oil sands projects through guidance, implementation and tracking.
·                      Sponsor: Cameco Corporation
·                      Aims to increase the opportunities and strengthen the capabilities of Aboriginal suppliers in northern Saskatchewan.
·                      Sponsor: TransAlta Corporation
·                      Provides support for local contracting opportunities through pre-qualification support, sole-sourcing and Aboriginal content requirements for contractors.
3.2 Strengthening Business Capabilities
·                      Sponsor: Western Lakota Energy Services Inc.
·                      Established mutually beneficial business partnerships between industry and First Nation and Metis communities for the ownership of state-of-the-art drilling rigs.
·                     Sponsor: Jacques Whitford Environment Limited
·                     Establishes and operates a sustainable, for-profit Aboriginal environmental services and solutions consulting business, increases Innu employment and business training and mentoring.
3.2.3 First Nation and Native American Business Development
·                      Sponsor: PCL Constructors Inc.
·                      Provides a model for developing project-specific joint ventures with Aboriginal communities and companies to pursue engineering and construction business opportunities both on and off reserve and on traditional lands.
·                     Sponsor: EPCOR Power Development Corp.
·                     Joint venture between EPCOR and the Peigan First Nation in southern Alberta to develop a wind power farm on the Peigan First Nation land, leading to benefits in jobs and revenues from “green” electricity.
·                     Sponsor: Diavik Diamond Mines Ltd.
·                     Supports the development of Aboriginal and northern businesses, resulting in stronger communities and individuals with increased entrepreneurial, business and technical skills.
·                     Sponsor: TransAlta Corporation
·                     Facilitates opportunities for the purchase of transmission facilities located on reserve lands by a group of First Nations.
·                     Sponsors: Nabors Canada Ltd. and Shehtah Drilling Limited
·                     Develops a strategic business partnership between Nabors and an Aboriginal-owned contractor in the same business.
·                     Sponsor: Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.
·                     Helps local Aboriginal communities gain the experience and skills required to start up a service rig business that provides local employment and business opportunities.
·                     Sponsor: Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
·                     Helps Aboriginal business start-ups by ensuring that the management, technical and operational capacity to successfully run the business is in place.
·                     Sponsor: EnCana Corporation
·                     Expands local services and opportunities, provides new avenues of meaningful and profitable participation for local Aboriginal people in a specific project area, and participates in an equity-building approach to Aboriginal business ventures.
·                     Sponsor: Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
·                     Provides Aboriginal communities with the expertise and experience needed to identify and assess business opportunities in their own communities resulting from resource and industrial development.
·                     Sponsors: Gibson Energy Ltd. and Japan Canada Oil Sands (JACOS)
·                     Provides local owner/operators and local Aboriginal people with employment and small business opportunities.
3.3 Programs Sponsored by Government and Non-Profit Agencies
·                     Sponsor: Industry Canada
·                     Promotes the establishment and growth of Aboriginal businesses on a national basis. For eligible applicants, the program provides financial assistance, information, resource materials and referrals to other possible sources of financing or business support.
·                     Sponsors: Western Economic Diversification Canada and Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, British Columbia
·                     Assists individual Aboriginal people to gain business experience and skills through an Aboriginal-led non-profit centre.
·                     Sponsors: Western Economic Diversification Canada, Industry Canada, Alberta Economic Development
·                     Provides the Aboriginal business community with a wide range of business products and services, using information and Internet technologies where possible.
·                     Sponsor: Business Development Bank of Canada
·                     Assists Aboriginal entrepreneurs and businesses by providing access to capital and management support through an Aboriginal loan product, management consulting, and other products.
·                     Sponsors: Alberta Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Alberta Economic Development, Alberta Human Resources and Employment
·                     Consists of seven related programs designed to increase First Nations participation in the economy by: supporting the development of effective partnerships between First Nations, industry, government and other stakeholders; strengthening First Nations’ economic capacity; and assisting in the development of a viable First Nations private sector. Regional Partnership Development (RPD) Program
·             Engages regional economic partnerships coordinators at the regional or Tribal Council level to facilitate and support First Nations and industry partnerships. Strategic Economic Initiatives (SEI) Program
·             Encourages strategic economic initiatives and sustainable economic projects with industry at First Nations regional and community levels. Economic Capacity Building (ECB) Program
·             Aims to increase the capacity of First Nations and their associated organizations to identify, plan and implement economic development initiatives. First Nations Labour Force Planning Program
·              Aims to increase the employment of First Nations people at regional and community levels. First Nations Business Management
·              Strengthens the management of First Nations businesses through increased access to business information and advisory services. Regional Economic Development Alliances and Initiatives
·              Intended to increase the participation of First Nations in regional economic development alliances and regional economic development initiatives. Business Sector Advisory Services
·              Extend services provided to other Alberta businesses to First Nations and First Nations businesses (to be implemented in 2006-2007)
·                     Sponsor: Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)
·                     Assist First Nations communities and individuals to strengthen their business capabilities and employment skills. Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP)
·               Provides project-based support to those First Nation and Inuit communities that have the best opportunities for public services in economic development. Eligible projects will address the following:
o   Employment of community members
o   Business development
o   Development of land and resources under community control
o   Access to opportunities originating with land and resources beyond community control
o   Promoting the community as a place to invest
o   Research and advocacy Aboriginal Contract Guarantee Instrument (ACGI)
·              Provides qualified Aboriginal contractors and service providers with an equivalent to mainstream surety bonding products and services.
·                      Sponsor: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
·                      Assist status First Nations Bands, Tribal Councils, organizations and any other First Nation group or company seeking to strengthen their economic conditions, business capabilities and employment skills while applying sustainable forest management practices.



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