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MIAC Goals & Strategies


Ensure long-term sustainability, quality and relevance of the mining program by:
a)        Continuing regular curriculum and accreditation reviews.
b)        Forming applicable relationships and partnerships with other faculties to broaden curriculum to include relevant subjects and inter-disciplinary programs.
c)        Engaging MIAC members with faculty and students to provide current industry context and perspective.
d)        Providing excellent graduate and research programs with initiatives linked to larger industry initiatives where possible.
e)        Providing forum and process for sharing industry best practices on work experience programs (co-op placements).
f)         Establishing a mentoring program for students and faculty as appropriate.
g)        Tracking career progression of graduates.
h)        Seeking student feedback on the quality and effectiveness of faculty.
Establish a world-class student placement process by:
a)        Maintaining current awareness of best practices and re-designing the placement process as necessary (one-stop-shopping for students).
b)        Securing the commitment of industry leaders worldwide in providing job placements for all graduates.
c)        Providing forum and process for sharing industry best practices on graduate development programs.
Vigorously promote and market the mining program by:
a)         Making certain marketing materials and strategies are current and relevant for multiple audiences.
b)        Securing at least two global and five local additional mining companies as active members of MIAC and string supporters of the program.
c)        Facilitating continued government support for engineering education and specifically for the mining program.
d)        Maintaining current awareness of the projected future needs for mining engineers and global competition for graduates, and aligning the program accordingly.
e)        Increasing promotion and marketing of mine engineering education as a path to great careers and quality life style by addressng high school students, college students, and first and second year engineering students (bust the myths about mining).
f)         Promoting the program with corporations in locations where other mining programs may be closing.
Ensure continued effectiveness and relevance of MIAC by:
a)         Pro-actively managing succession of key members and joint industry/ university leadership of MIAC.
b)        Facilitating effective and timely recruitment and orientation of new Committee members.
c)        Expecting active participation on the Committee by all members.
d)        Continuing sound business planning and stewarding by the Committee.

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