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ACR Membership Benefits 

Membership in the Alberta Chamber of Resource (ACR) can provide benefits to companies involved in the development of Alberta’s vast resources as well as helping support and grow the cornerstone of Alberta’s economy: 

Work with Professionals in the Sector
Through participation and interface with the various ACR committees, your company and staff will benefit from the extensive collective knowledge base of the diverse group of members. Several companies see this as a key opportunity to help expand their understanding of the industry and advance the careers of their employees.   

Sharing of Best Management Practices
One of the main aspects of being an ACR member is access to the shared learnings from others in the sector. ACR memberships are strongly committed to the principle, that by improving performance of the entire industry, it will help company’s results individually. Development of “Best Management Practices” by the organization will help you understand and utilize information from ‘tried and tested’ to new and emerging issues. The ACR’s publication “Learning from Experience”, that compiles success stories in dealing with Indigenous communities, is one example of how those involved in the resource sector can learn from each other. At the ACR Environmental Forums, members hear from experts on the application of new regulations and how others in the industry are dealing with them.

Networking with Other Key Resource Players
Membership in the ACR provides opportunities for you to meet with, and establish networks with, other companies and key stakeholder involved in the development of Alberta’s resources sector. These connections can help in your business relationships and open doors to new opportunities, concepts and ideas. The ACR also offers opportunities to members to ‘showcase’ their operations. This provides a better understanding of all the companies in the sector, and the sectors understanding of your company. 

Access Up-to-Date Information on Pressing Issues and Policy Developments
The ACR constantly monitors news and issues related to the development of Alberta’s resources sector. Through member updates, e-newsletters and our website, you can keep updated on new regulatory, economic and technological changes in the industry. 

Preferred Access and Admission to Premier Events and Conferences
The ACR hosts a number of key events throughout the year. As a member, you will be given preferred access to these exclusive and often-sold-out events, as well as early sponsorship opportunities.   

Membership Categories

  • Group I – Major companies involved in resource exploration and/or development
  • Group II – Small companies involved in resource exploration and/or development, or supporting companies largely dependent on resource development
  • Group III – Supporting companies moderately dependent upon resource development
  • Group IV – Individuals (i.e. retirees, sole practitioners)

Membership Fee Schedule: January 1st to December 31st

Membership in the ACR is a low-cost option for companies to work with, and stay connected to, people and events in Alberta’s resources sector. Annual fees are based upon the size and type of company or organization that you are involved with.

Join Between

Group I

Group II

Group III

Group IV

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Please note: None of the above prices include GST

How to Join

Joining the ACR is a quick and simple process with an invaluable return. You can access the membership form by clicking here or on the link above. Either email or fax the completed form to the below address. If you have any other questions about joining the ACR, please contact us any time.

Neil Shelly
Executive Director

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